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Hi Friend!

I'm Sara Lihz

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Floral Explosion Mother's Day Card

This card is for my mother-in-law, Robin, who has encouraged me and supported me in my creative hobbies and jobbies for many years. Thank you, Robin, for kicking so much ass!


Favorite Supplies

I've been making cards for over ten years and there are a few things that get used on a daily basis. They make cardmaking more joyful for me. I hope this list is helpful for you. Some items are listed with an affiliate link which offers me a small commission at no cost to you (items noted with an asterisk), while others are linked here just because I think these products are the best!

Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed today's projects!

-Sara Lihz

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1 comentario

Sara Lihz, you perfected the CR parameters for this card! 💜💜💜 it! I struggle with Karen Burniston's pop ups. Perhaps more practice would help. LOL😋 I hope you have a fantastic week! Cheers, Makira

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