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Happy Fall, Friends!

Happy Fall, Friends! I've spent the last couple of weeks working on huge paper engineering projects (which I love) but this card let me really craft without having to worry about the math and mechanics. This is paper therapy!

I’ve used some awesome new (to me) craft products that I hemmed and hawed over for quite a while, and I always know I’ve made a good purchase when I put them to use right away!

Here, I've used a triangle gatefold for an A2 card. The center piece has a magnet embedded in both the the circle and the background of the A2 panel. If you are interested in seeing more details about this, let me know. :) I loved this enough that I'll probably make another one.



Embossing Folder




Everyday Tools:

I've been making cards for over ten years and there are a few things that get used on a daily basis. They make cardmaking more joyful for me. I hope this list is helpful for you. Some items are listed with an affiliate link which offers me a small commission at no cost to you (items noted with an asterisk), while others are linked here just because I think these products are the best!

Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed today's project!

-Sara Lihz

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