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Nothing Like Some Dangling Legs

Last week was crazy busy. I was preparing for my first craft show of the seasons and it was a 2.5 day event. Juggling cards, my craft business (which, surprisingly, isn't cards), and my full time job got a little bananas. I gave myself permission to not turn in a Craft Roulette card even though I had lots of pieces of things for it sitting on my desk. I just couldn't figure out how to put it all together.

Then I woke up at 5am and it clicked. When my husband rolled out of bed a little after seven he stumbled in to ask what was going on. "A craft emergency!" I said. "Go away, I need to figure this out before I head to work."

Ultimately, I only managed to turn in part of the card for Craft Roulette. I ran out of time to put the interactive mech together, but I was able to finish it up this week. I'd like to say it went smoothly, but this could be a drinking game called "How many times does Sara Lihz tear apart her card?"

Tear Apart #1:

I made a pocket for the legs out of cardstock with a magnet on the front and back that would connect and keep the legs from falling until the card was opened. The magnets weren't strong enough, so I tore it apart and added more magnets and thinned out the cardstock for the card base.

Tear Apart #2:

Even with the extra magnets, the card still would latch well, so I had to tear out the folded card base with the cream panel and witch's hat and recreate it out of thinner cardstock

Tear Apart #3:

There weren't enough layers of cardstock for the legs to swing down easily. I always check my work using removable adhesive before gluing things down, but I needed pick my son up from school so I rushed. Note to self: don't rush it. I had to tear it apart again add foam tape.

Craft Roulette Parameters:

Project: Slimline

Colors: Purple, Orange, +1

Element: Sack

Random: Sequins/Gems

The Sack element is incorporated in the background here. I used a recycled grocery sack, laid it on packing tape, and then colored it with alcohol inks and lunar paste. I love how it turned out.

For all that this was a longer, winding-er adventure than I thought it would be, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it too!



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Everyday Tools:

I've been making cards for over ten years and there are a few things that get used on a daily basis. They make cardmaking more joyful for me. I hope this list is helpful for you. Some items are listed with an affiliate link which offers me a small commission at no cost to you (items noted with an asterisk), while others are linked here just because I think these products are the best!

Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed today's project!

-Sara Lihz

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