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Stunning Keepsake Ornament Cards

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

With the holidays coming, I've begun working in earnest on my Christmas cards. I'm always looking for ways to pack a big punch while avoiding a design that takes me two hours per card. I've used a lot of the same products for these first two cards, while one is fairly quick and simple, and the other steps it up for someone I know won't throw it away. 🤣

I made the third card as an after thought, just to see if I could combine the two techniques, and it is hands down my favorite (and the most time consuming. Sigh.) Let me know if you would like a more complete tutorial of the third card. :)


Mini-Slimline Magnetic Ornament Card




You could certainly glue the ornament directly too the background, but I really wanted something a little extra. I embedded magnets in the ornament so it could be saved, even after the card was recycled.

I created a holiday background on my computer and used my laser printer to print it on shimmer cardstock. My laser printer can handle 80lb cover weight so this 65 lb cardstock printed well. I did set it to transparency since it was printing on a slick surface. You could certainly print this with an inkjet, but it'll work better on regular card stock (not shimmer). My inkjet can take 100 lb cover, so that's what I use when I'm printing directly onto a card base.


Peekaboo Ornament Card

I used Jennifer McGuire's Window Edge Card Design for this one. I originally made this one with a removable ornament too, but it's too thick. It takes four layers of cardstock for the layered die pieces and embedding the magnetic components requires three more. At that point it didn't open well. So this one just has the ornament glued to the card. It's certainly faster that way, and it will mail better.




Peekaboo Keepsake Ornament Card

Yup. This one's my favorite. I knew there had to be a way to combine the two techniques if I could just keep the layers thinner at the edges. And this worked beautifully. I embedded the magnets behind the tree and snowman so it's only three layers thick at the edges.





Everyday Tools

I've been making cards for over ten years and there are a few things that get used on a daily basis. They make cardmaking more joyful for me. I hope this list is helpful for you. Some items are listed with an affiliate link which offers me a small commission at no cost to you, while others are linked here just because I think these products are the best!

Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed today's project!

-Sara Lihz

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